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protective cap linings

Restore the Product Flow

Don't allow your cap lining operations to be an impediment or bottleneck to your cap sales. Look to Danbury Plastics to line any closure design within your product catalog.

We are happy to work directly for you or simply refer your customer to us; we will assist them with both liner selection and provide a potentially significant reduction in lead-time for their much needed cap lining application. Think of Danbury as a strategic partner to your quality control efforts.

100% Quality Inspections

Take full advantage of Danbury Plastics' 100% quality inspection systems. Eliminate cap rejections due to cap lining issues!

Cap Lining Materials

At Danbury Plastics, Inc. we can line any shape or size closure with virtually any material available in the packaging industry today including: Top-Tab, Lift-n-Peel, Heat Seal, Pressure Seal, Cosmetic Liner, Safe-guard, Foilseal, F-217, PS-22, MF-514, Tri-Shield, LP-217, Tri-Foil WP and Teflon-bonded to substrate materials.

safety cap lining materialsSelecting the right lining material involves more than meets the eye.  Such variables as mode of delivery, temperature, air pressure and vibration exposure must also be considered. We will always assist you in choosing the best lining material for each job.